Outdoor Living Addition in Charlotte

See photos of this whole-house renovation. This is a new project added at a later date.

"Hello Gil,
I think far too often a business owner gets that phone call or email from a customer when something has gone wrong or there is a problem.  This email is different.  I am here to dispute anyone who want to classify Shea Homes, or Shea Custom, as a "track builder".  Shea Custom has once again come through for our family with another job well done!  After the success of our total home renovation with you a few years ago, we decided to put a roof over our patio out back, so we called on you once again.  In short, there were many unexpected challenges that arose, but in the end, Bryan followed through on all of the details to complete the project successfully.  As with any building project, there is always the final punch list at the end - he stayed with it and addressed all details until we were fully satisfied with the outcome.

To me, however, finishing the job to the customer's full satisfaction is really the expectation - what the norm should be.  It was what took place after the job was fully complete that impressed my wife and I the most.  While having some unrelated routine maintenance work done on an HVAC unit in our bonus room, it turned into a real mess, stemming from a water leak in that unit.   What started as a small leak  turned into major water damage to our floor boards, framing, ceiling below, carpet and even mold damage.  Since Bryan was around the house completing the punch list on "his" project outside, he jumped in immediately when he learned about our problem inside.  He helped clear things out of the way, investigated the situation with us, and took on the problem like it was his own.  His reaction to this serious problem helped get things under control and on the track to be resolved quickly and professionally.  I must add, your personal involvement in this, and that of the HVAC company owner, (your sub-contractor), was truly impressive.  I can't tell you enough how impressed I was that you and your HVAC company both stepped up in time of need, took the time to safely remove all mold issues, repair all the damage and get things back to normal as if it was your own home.

Problems or challenges will always arise - how a company reacts to them is what separates the good companies from the great ones!  Shea Custom has been a great partner for us and I would not hesitate to recommend your team to anyone doing major or minor up-fitting work to their home.  Your team performed with excellence on the large job and the smaller one!  Please pass my thanks on to Bryan, and your HVAC man as well - they went above and beyond and it was truly appreciated." - Homeowner Comments 10/7/2015