Whole House Renovation

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Winner of the CotY 2012 Whole House Renovation ($500,001 - $1 Million) Award & HBAC of Charlotte 2013 Excellence in Remodeling GOLD Award for Whole House Renovation over $400,000

Third Floor and Garage Bonus Room Addition, complete tear down and reconstruction of most of first floor. Read an article about this renovation in Urban Home magazine.

Homeowner Feedback During Construction: "You guys have a good crew and I know the sense of ownership you have taken on our job. We both appreciate the attention to detail you have shown on our project and the commitment as well." 12/16/11

"Just wanted to be sure you knew my thinking.....you have done / are doing a great job for us....wanted you to know how much I / we appreciate it! You have followed through on what you "pitched" us you would do if awarded the job.  You are paying attention to details, resolving issues and showing us you really care about doing what is best for us.  That is refreshing to see. I just felt compelled to pass on my personal "thanks" to you." - 4/20/12

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Homeowner's Comments to another potential customer as a referral:

"Charlie (Shea Custom) has done an excellent job managing our large project.  Charlie made excellent value-add suggestions along the way....many that we went along with and has, otherwise, kept us within agreed upon budget.  Any overtures were due to our choice with an optional upgrade.

My suggestion is to be as specific as possible with your specs, including materials to be used....there will always be worthwhile upgrades you just don't think about up front....then those are your call.

I, personally, dismiss Shea as being tract builders .......Shea Custom is truly just that - custom!  Their competition wants to put them in that "mass builder" market, but they truly can perform to a high level in the custom market.  (Don't forget about their overall volume purchasing leverage too....that part of their mass build market you benefit from).

The various crews Charlie brought in for our project have all been very polite and nice to work with.  Overall, the job site has been kept clean, considering the massive project this has been.....but we have not been living there during construction.  (I would recommend making that a key priority if you plan to be there during construction).

In short, I would feel more than comfortable recommending Charlie/Shea Custom to you.  My wife and I have been very happy with the attention to details and workmanship. Charlie has honestly done a very nice job for us. His experience in the industry really helped us a lot when various options or decisions needed to be made.  Shea Custom had the resources and subs in place to make it a smooth experience." - 6/11/12